New life starts today…

At some point in our lives we all start to think about what it means to age. Whether you’re 30 or 60, even a quick mental peek into the future can leave us feeling… well… uneasy at best, with visions of becoming a weaker, frailer, forgetful self, unable to do the things we used to do or succumbing to any number of chronic illnesses.

If these fears have ever crossed your mind, you’ve come to the right place, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Elaine, a holistic coach with a passion and preoccupation for understanding how to keep our bodies and minds strong and vital as we age.

This site is full of ideas and resources—backed by cutting-edge science—to help you gently and naturally rewind your biological clock, protect you from chronic disease, sharpen your mind, strengthen body and heart, and live younger, longer.

“When I think of someone who can instantly change my way of thinking, it is without doubt Elaine. Elaine’s energy and enthusiasm makes it easy to work with her. She has an extensive knowledge of health and wellness and fully understands how important it is to have balance between mental, emotional, and physical components of the body. As a coach she is strong and when you need that push she is right behind you giving you that gentle nudge.”

Alexis L. | Health Professional, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur, Business Owner
My cravings have diminished! I love how she would send text messages every now and then with suggestions. It was great motivation and kept me on track. Everything I have learned, I will use for the rest of my life. With Elaine, I feel like we developed an awesome partnership that truly changed my life.

Jody T | Inventory Control Process Analyst
From the moment I met Elaine we just clicked. She has an understanding and compassion for uplifting my spirit. As a coach she was a hand-holding guide who encouraged setting attainable goals. Her technique of life style living has enabled me as not only a client but a friend to achieve and believe in better choices and to reach my goal as a healthy person. I thank her for her friendship and support.
Susan K | Life Coach

“Elaine has an intense interest in people and a passionate desire to help them make their lives better, more productive and fulfilling. She has that rare ability to just listen without being judgmental or having to assert her own ego. You feel that she values what you say, values who you are, and that it is okay to be who you are. This makes it easy to talk to her; to confide in, to trust, and to ask for advice; all things I have trouble with otherwise. She radiates energy, enthusiasm, and a zest for life that you feel she truly wants to share with you so that you can experience it to.”

James B. | Author, Artist, Transcendental Meditation Teacher

“Elaine is dynamic. She is a force and will bring out your best – if you want that. She’ll pace you with humor and skillful thinking. All of her interests bear fruit because she makes a commitment to them. She has pursued mastery in well-being and health: whether exercise, nutrition, food and being beautiful inside and out. She can even help you transform and create an environment that is healthy and chic. You didn’t think that could be done?! Just watch her!”

Stephanie A. | Psychotherapist