Professional Bio

Elaine Pauly is a certified holistic health and longevity coach and an independent distributor for a global research and anti-aging corporation. She is founder and CEO of Elaine Pauly Enterprises, LLC, a holistic wellness practice focused on longevity, natural healing and timeless living. Her philosophy draws on the belief in the body’s natural intuitive strength and healing ability, and honors the premise that each of us is unique and there are no set formulas that apply to all. She coaches in lifestyle choices that naturally heal and strengthen the body, slow and reverse aging, protect against chronic disease, and increase healthy life span.

She is a student of epigenetics and nutrigenomics, the sciences of how the body responds to our physical and emotional experience, and coaches her clients on mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, weight management, and practices that naturally heal and return the body to a calm and natural balance. Elaine is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and has completed courses in functional nutrition, and human development and transformation, including Landmark Education, PSI strategies for life, Creative Visualization, among others. She is a community volunteer and women’s mentor for SUNY Potsdam. Prior to developing her coaching practice, Elaine was a business owner and corporate marketing manager and consultant. She is a graduate, cum laude, of SUNY Potsdam.