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Food . . .

Our source of life, pleasure, comfort, passion, communion, love, and gathering. It nourishes and sustains us. It can also make us sick.

Food is your life source.

It becomes you. It flows into your blood to feed your muscles, your tissues, your cells, your brain, your heart . . . every minuscule piece of your being.

The food you put in your mouth every day matters!

It matters a lot!

For as far back as I can remember, food has been my passion! I spent hours in the kitchen, hundreds of dollars on books, magazine subscriptions and cooking classes. I studied different cuisines and techniques. I loved preparing fabulous food that stopped you in your tracks.

But then . . . I burned out.

I became tired of laboring in the kitchen for hours, tackling the multiple steps – the complex sauces, reductions, and chemistry! I longed for quick, easy delicious meals that I could whip up without too much work.

This is what you’ll find here: simple, exotic foods that will have your friends guessing where your “secret” chef is hiding out!

You will learn about REAL food. Food from the earth, food that grows, swims, grazes, pecks and flies. Food that has been nurtured and raised to deliver the nutrients your body needs and craves.

Real food heals you and protects you from disease. It can turn up your fat-burning engines, increase your energy stores, keep your blood vessels pliable and unclogged, strengthen your heart and brain, and smooth out your skin.

It can even turn back the clock on aging.

And you don’t have to be a master chef to put it all together! Follow me and I’ll show you how.

Eating shouldn’t be about deprivation, celery sticks and bland tasting grub! It should be about luscious foods that pique your taste buds and satisfy your soul. And that’s what you’ll discover here.


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“How should we humans eat? The more we studied, the more we came to understand that we are primitive bodies living in modern times. That getting back to a pre-industrial way of eating was the best thing we could do for our health.”

Hu Kitchen, NY

2703, 2018

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15 Top Energy-Building Foods. The energy that we need to move, run, think and dream is generated by a bunch of tiny organelles called Mitochondria. Thousands of them live within every cell of your body. [...]


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