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What we think about and believe about ourselves influences every aspect our lives.

Our work, relationships, financial well being, attitude, health, sickness . . . Even the way we age is a function of our thinking!

Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, and renowned cellular biologist, tells it this way: “The fate and behavior of an organism is directly linked to its perception of the environment.” He, and many others in the studies of genetics and mind/body science, believe our bodies literally change in response to our thoughts, our emotions and our deepest beliefs.

When you bathe your mind in uplifting thoughts, it puts your body in a state of physiological rest and calm – a perfect state for balance, healing and wellbeing. When fear and negative thoughts take over, the body goes into stress response and pumps out a flood of hormones that overwhelm the body and over time break us down and age us prematurely!

The body and mind are inextricably, beautifully entwined. What you believe and put in your mind ripples down to the basic, cellular level of the body, turning on and off genetic activity and influencing everything that goes on inside of you.

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“Because the mind influences every cell in the body, Human aging is fluid and changeable; it can speed up, slow down, stop for a time, and even reverse itself.“

Deepak Chopra

2003, 2019

If you think aging is an inevitable downhill slide to aches & pains & sickness… You might want to think again.

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