Salmon is a favorite of mine. Easy to cook. As delicious off the grill as it is as a leftover in a cool summer salad. The key word here is “wild”. Not only does wild salmon deliver the highest level of healthy, omega 3 fatty acids that the brain and body crave, but it is naturally low in mercury.

Farmed varieties are the least healthy choice for several reasons. They are higher in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids, and the methods of production – cramming them into small enclosures – can breed disease and thus prompt the use of antibiotics (which you absolutely want to avoid). Other issues related to environmental impact and  sustainability are the reason I always go with wild when possible.


  • Olive Oil – just a touch
  • Salmon filet or steak (I prefer fillets)
  • Penzey’s Barbecue 3001 spice (or your preferred grilling rub)


  1. Start your grill – and be sure it’s a clean one. (Oiling it and keeping covered for about 5 minutes over hot coals should do the trick.)
  2. Lightly coat the salmon with olive oil and sprinkle the Penzey’s rub on both sides.
  3. When you fire is hot, place the salmon on the grill – I always start with skin side up, just in case it sticks when I turn it.
  4. Cook until the fish becomes slightly translucent then flip (you may need one of these.)
  5. Cook to the desired internal temperature. I like my salmon medium rare so it is still pink in the center. Remember it still cooks a little once you’ve taken it off.
  6. If you don’t have a grill but do have a great kitchen fan that takes care of any smoke, you can pan sear your salmon exactly the same way. I use an iron skillet for this.
  7. Serve immediately with fresh lemon or a homemade Hollandaise sauce.  You can also serve with a quick horseradish sauce (combine 1/2 cup of mao, or a combination of mayo and plan Greek yogurt, with a heaping TB of horseradish – or add to taste. Mix and serve. This is also great with smoked salmon.)

Enjoy! ♥


PS – here’s a great source for wild fish: Vital Choice Wild Seafood