Join Us For Our September Fast:  September 28 – October 2


“When you stop eating, you save a huge amount of energy by sparing your gut, the entire neurologic system that runs the gut, and the immune system behind it, not to mention the entire process of moving that material through the vascular system, into cells, and into the mitochondria (for cellular energy).’ Dr. Zack Bush


How long can we go without food?


A few days? Weeks? Months? Longer? 

Dr. Zack Bush, a triple board-certified physician (internal medicine, endocrinology, palliative care), environmentalist, and expert in “regenerative” farming, tells the story of a colleague who fasted for 57 days – having only three really bad days which he believed were unrelated to the fast. 

Most of us have a reservoir of anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 excess calories hanging out on use that are stored in our fat and liver. So starvation is generally not an issue in a 5-day fast – the “sweet spot” where much of the longevity benefits come into play, according to Dr. Valter Longo – the “Fasting Evangelist” and director of the Longevity Institute at USC.

But there’s another side to this that’s been all but forgotten…


Witness of Rest


Sometimes it feels like our world is spinning out of control. Especially now. Most people I work with complain of overwhelm, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, unhappiness, disconnection. 

You might relate.

But what does this have to do with fasting? 

Fasting quiets the body. Dr. Bush refers to it as “Witness of Rest”. Biologically speaking, it stops the constant busyness of digestion, quieting the gut, the neurological system, and the immune system (which sits mostly behind the gut).


We become quiet inside.


When was the last time you felt quiet? Calm? At peace? 

Quieting the mind is a challenge and practiced skill. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve awakened at night with my mind replaying the events of the day, running through my “to-do” list, chastising me for some oversight or something stupid I’ve done. It gets going and it’s hard to stop

Fasting is a perfect opportunity to quiet the mind and dive deeper into our souls. Which is why fasting – at its core – has been part of spiritual teachings in every single religion on the planet.


Join us September 28 – October 2


Join us this month for our next fasting round with the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), a brilliant 5-day plan, developed by Dr. Valter Longo and his team at USC,  that allows you to fast with just enough food to keep you from caving and running to the pantry. It’s a simple plan with years of scientific research demonstrating its effectiveness. Go here to learn more about the program.

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 5 days of a scientifically formulated plant-based food that nourishes your body while keeping you in a fasting state. 
  • A simple and easy to prepare meal plan for your week – No grocery shopping!
  • A special package formulated for anyone with food allergies.  
  • My coaching throughout to support and help you through the program.
  • A special price on the Prolon Package – regularly $250, for this program $225.  


Who should participate?


 Prolon FMD is appropriate for all generally healthy people 18 years or older. 


To order Your Prolon Package:


(Place orders before Friday, Sept. 18 to ensure shipment arrives in time.)


(Note – If you’re a resident of  California, Virginia, Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Massachusetts, Ohio,  Minnesota, or Maryland, please contact me directly to purchase as these states have sales tax.)


…One quick tip before you go


I’ll leave you with one tip for that busy mind of yours. It’s simple.


Here’s what I do when my mind goes to work on me… 

I close my eyes and take a deep, slow breath through my nose to a count of four. The breath goes deeper when taken through the nose and penetrates all the down to the bottom of your lungs.

I pay attention to the feeling of the breath coming in. That takes my mind off the chatter.  And then I exhale and feel it leaving me. 

Breath in – four counts. Breath out – four counts. In. Out. Always keeping your mind on the breath. When the mind wanders (which it will), bring it back.  

Think of this as a kind of training for your mind, informing it that you’re in charge – it’s not. It’s also a way to engage your “parasympathetic” nervous system – the rest and relax response that today is dearly under-appreciated and under-used!

The more you practice, the better you’ll be able to manage the beast of a mind that takes hold of you. 

So here’s a 10-day challenge… Every morning, immediately after you wake up, go to a quiet place, sit quietly, and breathe – one minute, two minutes, or even more if you’re up to it.

That’s all. Try it. Same time every day for 10 days and then let me know how you do.

I’m anxious to hear from you!

Email me or post your progress below.

 With love?  ♥



PS – Dr. Zack Bush is a physician who offers a very unique course on human biology I just completed and recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about their body and the influences of health. He is brilliant, has a deep understanding of the human connection with the environment, and perhaps one of the most humble people I have ever met. In recent interviews, Dr. Bush sheds new light on the viral “epidemic” that we’re confronting today. He is clear, balanced, and realistic and will open doors most are unaware of.  If you want to learn more at a time when there’s much misinformation circulating,  listen to any of his interviews here.