How to fast for a longer, healthier life


Three years ago I couldn’t have told you much about fasting. It was hardly a topic for discussion back then . . . 


I’ve always been relatively healthy. No major illnesses. One scare with cancer. Surgery. A benign vascular tumor that left me with some nerve damage and a slightly crooked smile. 

My weight was always relatively consistent until around the mid-mark of life when a little extra started creeping on and absolutely nothing I did would budge that scale.

That plus some extra belly fat that made it all the more difficult to zip my jeans were hallmarks of my 50s. At one point I figured that was just the way it was gonna be.

But then a podcast (Dr. Hyman’s Farmacy) and an introduction to Dr. Valter Longo and things changed.


You don’t know what you don’t know


Longo’s one of those individuals whose credentials are so extensive it would take a few pages to list them. He’s a biochemist and gerontologist with extensive training in immunology, endocrinology, genetics, microbiology, and pathology. He heads the Longevity Institute at USC as well as a cancer research center in Milan (IFMO Institute of Molecular Oncology).

He’s spent his entire career researching the genetic pathways that regulate aging and disease. And what he discovered was this: Fasting is a key intervention to reduce the risk of chronic disease (cancer in particular) and to promote healthy longevity. 

We all want to live long. We just don’t want to live long and sick. And that’s where fasting comes in.


A plan that actually works


For me, fasting with Longo’s plan (Prolon FMD) changed things . . .

I’m down to a new “set” weight which has remained stable since I started. Belly fat, although not gone completely, is noticeably less (we do actually need some of that fat to help build our hormones, cell walls, and our brain). Joints feel better. Sleep is better. Energy’s high. 

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, fasting goes much deeper. It stimulates growth hormone and stem cell production to make repairs at the cellular level. It triggers a process called “autophagy”, the cleaning out of harmful and inflammatory cellular debris. It improves the health of our mitochondria – our energy producers. In sum, it supports the genetic pathways that slow aging and keep you youthful.

I have taken many through this plan with results that no other intervention has been able to duplicate – immediate weight loss, improvements in fasting glucose, lower “bad” cholesterol numbers, better eating habits, fewer cravings.

And this text just came in last night – perfect timing – from a friend who went through the plan last year and is just finishing another cycle  . . . 

“I’m on day four of my Prolon plan . . . I feel great. I have energy. I’m taking daily walks, and I’m losing weight – again.” JS


Join us in 2021


I invite you to join me in Dr. Longo’s program. It may be the best thing you do for yourself in 2021. 

I’ll be your guide throughout.

We’ll go through three cycles together:

March 1-5,  April 5-9,  May 3-7.

You can join us for all three or jump in on just one to give it a test drive. Although, according to clinical studies, results are most sustainable when you start out with three consecutive rounds. After that, you can repeat the program if/and when you wish to lose more weight or simply clean things up and start fresh.

Go here for details and to order your kit and we’ll see you in March! 


In love and health,


Your Youthkeeper!


Ps – be sure to order your kit asap to be sure it arrives in time!

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