I’m doing something a little different this week . . .

As I start another 5-day Prolon fast with a new group, I’ll be including you. Of course, you won’t actually be doing the fast, but you’ll learn what would happen if you did. 

So . . . tag along and catch a quick view of just what happens to the body in 5 days with me and the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet.  🌝


Why I do this – (I assure you, it’s not for the $$$)


Today more people are sick than are well. The stats (from 2017) will blow your mind:

  •  Autism – 1 in 45 (in 1975 this number was 1 in 5,000)
  • Attention Deficit Disorder – 1 in 10
  • Asthma – 1 in 10
  • Allergies – 1 in 4
  • Diabetes – 1 in 4
  • Obesity – 1 in 3
  • Major Depression – 1 in 2
  • Cancer – 1 in 2
  • Dementia – 1 in 2

In 2018, more than half the US population had at least one chronic condition and almost 30% had multiple conditions. And despite all the advances in modern medicine, our collective health is declining. We need better ways and new approaches to keep us from falling into the “sick” category.  That’s where fasting comes in. 


Several days does the trick


Fasting certainly isn’t new – it’s been around since the beginning of man, But it’s relatively new to us and quickly becoming the latest craze because of the profound benefits it can deliver: improvements in metabolic health, blood pressure, blood glucose, cardiovascular health, cellular cleanup and renewal, weight loss, energy levels, mental focus, among others. 

The downside with fasting is this: In order for it to do its regenerative work, you need to fast for several days and that’s hard. That’s where Prolon comes in.

The Prolon FMD is a 5-day fast with food. It’s scientifically calibrated to put the body into a fasting mode while giving you just enough food to make it bearable – and for many . . . easy.  


Day #1 – What you’ll be eating


Day #1 is a breeze for most. With enough food to add up to 1150 calories, it’s almost a normal light-food day.

The food for the day comes in a perfect little box, labeled “Day #1” and includes two soups, “L-Bars” (keto-like snack bars of nuts and coconut), kale crackers, olives, herbal teas, a multivitamin and omega supplement. There’s a box for each day and that’s the food you’ll eat for that day. Easy!


What’s happening inside?


Day #1 eases you into your fast. We call it your Transition Day. On this day your body’s shifting gears into a fasting state and sending signals to trigger visceral fat loss, cellular clean-up (autophagy), and rejuvenation in the coming days. 

It’s important throughout the fast to drink plenty of water. It helps support your overall health as well as the cleansing and detoxification that occurs when you fast. 

To the one question that always pops up, “May I have my coffee?”, I recommend giving up the coffee for the 5 days of the fast since it messes with your hormones. However, if it’s a must for you, we advise sticking to only one cup – black.

That’s a wrap for today.

Day #2 – see you tomorrow . . . . 





PS – if you’d like to learn more, go here, and here.

PPS  – Join us for our October fast! See you there!!!