“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Imagine facing a debilitating condition like Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic condition that wreaks havoc on the entire GI system. A condition for which Western Medicine has “no known cure”.

This was the reality for a family member of ours three years ago.

Desperate for answers, we frantically searched for anything that would help relieve his symptoms. Anything that could stop the progressive downhill slide he was experiencing.

It was then that we stumbled upon an inspiring story that holds a lesson I will never forget – a lesson I now share with you.


Meet Dane Johnson


Dane, a former model, was a picture of perfection: strikingly handsome, physically fit, chiseled, muscular, and successful. Until he too was diagnosed with U.C. and Crohn’s Disease.

The toll was staggering. His 6’1”, 180-pound frame withered to 120 pounds – a skeleton of a man. He couldn’t stand, walk, or even hold himself up in the shower. He pleaded with his doctor, “I’ll do anything!” But nothing worked. 

In his words . . .  It was not until he allowed himself to “feel” and understand what his body was capable of doing that things began to change. 

 I remember listening to one of his presentations and hearing him say: “I just decided!” 


Drawing a Line in the Sand


He decided that come hell or high water he was going to heal himself. He had no idea how. He simply knew he would find an answer. Which he did and today he runs a thriving coaching practice helping others to overcome this horrible illness.


Finding Your Answers


I don’t know all the details of Dane’s journey but I know this: He knew what he wanted. His vision was clear and nothing was going to stop him!  


So I Ask You: What Do You Want?


It’s a question I often pose to those I coach. Do you yearn for the physique you had ten years ago? A fulfilling career doing something you love? A peaceful gut that doesn’t go south after every meal? A body that’s not burdened by some chronic condition? More strength? More energy? 

Whatever it may be, you must decide with unwavering conviction. See it. Believe it. Fix it in your mind and let it become your driving force. 


Crafting a Vivid Vision


Cameron Herold, a successful entrepreneur, and named the “CEO Whisperer” by Forbes, used visualization to dramatically expand his business. 

He speaks of crafting a “Vivid Vision”, one that paints a vivid picture of exactly what you wish to create in your life – without becoming embroiled in the details. It describes what the future looks like, not how you’ll get there. 


See Yourself Where You Want to Be


As Herold explains it . . .  See yourself where you want to be. Picture it and see it in your mind again and again and again until it becomes vivid and real – as if it were true right now. And never let go of that vision.

Place a picture of your desired body (the you from a decade ago) on your mirror, refrigerator, or wherever you’ll see it throughout the day.  Create a vision so compelling that you can almost feel how it would feel if you had already achieved that goal.  

 In the end, it’s a feeling you want – The absolute certainty that your goal can be achieved. A deep authentic feeling accompanied by a firm belief in the outcome.  


Magic in the Making


Ultimately it’s the feeling you seek – the absolute certainty that your goal is attainable. That’s where the magic begins. When your vision becomes so clear that you can feel it, synchronicities occur, people show up unexpectedly, events take place to support you. The world conspires to make it happen. 


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

With love


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