The little-known scientific process hailed as the new way to lose weight, look younger and prolong life.


I started another Fast this week with the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet. It’s my go-to now when I feel like I need an upgrade.

Sometimes my husband joins me. Sometimes he opts for granola – since I step out of the kitchen during the five days of the fast and he’s left to his own devices.


Listen to your body


If you pay attention, you can literally feel it when your body’s calling for help. Maybe digestion’s off. Perhaps you’ve put on a few extra coronavirus pounds. Fatigue. Can’t focus. Sleep’s off. Whatever the motivation, now and then the body needs a break – and for me, Prolon’s the perfect solution.


Fasting With Food


In case you missed my previous posts, Prolon FMD is fasting – but with food.

While that may sound counterintuitive, in this case, a brilliant longevity expert, Dr. Valter Longo, and his team at USC devised a plan to put the body in “starvation” mode with just enough food to make the whole process bearable – at least for most.


Why “starvation” is good for you


Why starve? The good news is that you don’t really starve. It’s only five days after all and 24 hours in the body stops sending out hunger signals.

For me, fasting is all about healthy longevity. I don’t mind getting older. I do mind getting sick and frail and feeble and will do most things – within reason – to avoid all that!

All the latest studies on longevity indicate that while there are many things that help to keep the body resilient and youthful, fasting may be the most effective – and the most natural.


Autophagy Anyone?


” . . . autophagy—a process that is potently triggered by fasting—is now emerging as a central biological pathway that functions to promote health and longevity.”  Levine & Kroemer


When you fast – at least long enough to put your body into ketosis (which varies from person to person and can require anywhere from 14 hours to a few days) you trigger a cellular cleanup called “autophagy”.

Autophagy is the clearing out of dysfunctional and cellular debris that accumulate in us over time and can cause the body to malfunction (think chronic illness). One study explains it this way . . .

“. . . autophagy facilitates the disposal of . . . damaged proteins and organelles before they become toxic to the cell. A broad range of studies has revealed that basal autophagy decline is often associated with pathologies such as neurodegeneration, cancer and inflammation.”


A path to healthy longevity


Fasting is a relatively easy path to a more youthful body – functionally, that is. I’m in for that among many other benefits that make this entire process of fasting so appealing. Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Helps cells work better and when cells work better, so do we
  2. Promotes healing deep inside
  3. Supports mitochondrial function to give you more energy
  4. Helps improve immune function
  5. Helps guard against neurodegenerative disease & those senior moments

” . . . recent studies provide compelling evidence that at least in model organisms autophagy protects against diverse neurodegenerative diseases”  (Levin)


It’s one of the regular things I do to keep my body as youthful and healthy as humanly possible.

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