Simple Natural Strategies to Beat the Flu.


We all get sick.

Some experts even say it’s a sign of a healthy immune system – a tune-up so to speak.

This year was particularly tough for many of us – including me. I got hit with a cold-like flu that put me in bed for the day and slowed me down for a good week. And I hate getting sick! Zero energy. Zero initiative. Aches and pains. Everything felt bad. I was down for the count. But not for long…

Here’s what I do to speed my recovery:


  • Drown myself in fresh filtered water – not literally, but I make sure to drink about half my weight in ounces daily.
  • Add chlorophyll-infused water to my day – Chlorophyll is the green plant pigment known for its healing benefits and immune support. It’s safe, inexpensive and can be found at any health food store. Add a teaspoon or so to your water. It will turn your water a beautiful green but has little if any taste.
  • Sip warm tea throughout the day. I love turmeric and herbal teas – and I often add a little collagen hydrosylate to support a strong gut – more on that below.
  • Avoid dehydrating drinks like coffee – at least in excess.
  • Take an immune supporting supplement – I use a nutrient called, Ai/E10, designed to bring the immune function back on track and communicating well to boost your healing power.
  • Breathe in a little frankincense essential oil – A couple of drops in the palm of my hand and a deep inhale… known for its immune support and decongestant properties. Also helps with sleep.
  • Remove sugar from my diet. Sugar feeds bad bacteria and viruses. I don’t have much sugar in my life but being sick makes it an absolute no go.
  • Avoid antibiotics – Antibiotics wipe out all the good little bacterial helpers that support a strong immune system. Kill the good bacteria; kill your immune system. If I absolutely don’t need them, I go without. This keeps my immune system strong and intact.
  • Check  Vitamin D levels – called the “number one way to conquer the flu” by Dr. Mercola. Up here in the northern parts, most of us are deficient in this crucial hormone. I get my levels checked regularly to be sure I’m getting what my body needs. I take a D/K2 daily (the K supports the absorption of calcium into the bone) – especially in the winter, when the sun seems to have disappeared for days on end.
  • Increase Vitamin C intake – I use a “Gentle, Buffered” formula so it doesn’t upset the stomach and double my intake during colds, taking 1,000 mg, morning and night. Spreading the dosing throughout the day keeps it in your system.
  • Early to bed – Sleep is your healer. When you’re sick you can’t afford to skimp.
  • Nap when tired.
  • Strengthen the gut – Since 80% of the immune system resides in your gut, strengthen it with things like bone broth, collagen, greens, steamed vegetables, good fats and coconut oil. I add a heaping tablespoon of collagen to my tea morning and night. You won’t taste it but it will help your gut. Avoid gluten, sugar and anything with white flour. Focus on real, whole foods without additives.
  • Love more – Love is the ultimate healer and immune support. (Yes, there’s science behind this.) Love up your mate, your pet, your friends, your kids… It’s amazingly calming and it works wonders on your immune function!
  • Get and give more hugs – Hugs do more than simply wrapping us up in another’s arms. They have a physiological affect, boosting our happy and healing hormones to strengthen and heal us more quickly. I’m all for that!
  • Cheer the immune system on – This might give you a laugh and have you thinking I’m totally nuts, but my intent is to get you to think more deeply about your body – which is much smarter than you give it credit for.  Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief, speaks of the power of your thoughts to affect the workings of your cells. And all the latest genetic science is on board as well. Your body listens to you and responds to your thoughts, your emotions, and your environment.  So call me crazy, but after a day flat on my back and knowing about the intelligence and power of our cells to trigger healing chemistry, I’ve become their number one cheering squad. Go team! ♥




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Vitamin D/K2 – (Use Express Code: HCP1134220 to order direct.)

Ai/E10 Immune Supplement

My favorite water filters – Berkey, Clearly Filtered

Collagen Hydrolysate 


PS – Always check in with your doctor before starting a new supplement program.