There’s a little well-kept secret no one seems to know about when it comes to weight loss.

No, it’s not about exercising more, eating less, counting calories, or trying some crazy extreme weight-loss program. 

That’s the advice we’ve been given foooooreeeeever and if you’ve noticed . . . it’s not working.

There’s something else going on here. And it’s putting the brakes on your ability to drop a few pounds (and some of that body fat)!


Your  Mighty “Mito” Calorie Burners 💪


You’ll need a little backstory here, but I’ll keep it short.

Inside all of your cells are little guys called the mitochondria. They’re your energy producers and they’re also the ones in charge of burning your calories.


The Right Fuel Burns Better


As it turns out, your mitochondria require a specific fuel to function at the top of their game. 

They need fat – the kind you get from nature. Butter, tallow, avocado, coconut oil, and olive oil are all clean sources of fuel for your mitochondria.

But here’s the problem . . . For years we’ve been told to ditch the real fats and use manufactured vegetable oils  (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids – PUFAs). This, based on “weak associational evidence” that linked saturated fats with heart disease. 

Today highly processed vegetable oils exist in almost all manufactured foods. And come to find out, they promote “massive mitochondrial meltdowns”, writes Catherine Shanahan, MD in her book The Fatburn

Shanahan cites the research of Dr. Ghosh, who fed one group of mice corn oil and another group olive oil just to check out his hunch about the impact of certain oils on the metabolism.

“The mice who got the corn oil quickly stopped exercising, grew fat, and developed insulin resistance, while the mice who got the olive oil behaved normally and retained insulin sensitivity.”


Food Matters!


The food you eat codes your body for health or illness.

Just making this one strategic shift – like changing the fats you eat 👍👍👍 could change everything for you, bringing your energy burners back on line to do the work they were meant to do! 


Untangling Our Food System!


One might need a PhD to untangle and get a grip on the food system in which we live. Which is why I do what I do, making sense of this mess for you!

It’s also why I dreamed up a “Cleanse” program to help you navigate out of our Industrial Food System to one that works for you.

In this program I share the many secrets and tips I have learned over the years to help you live your strongest and healthiest life.


Join me. Let’s do this together!


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