Live Long. . . . Age Strong . . . Begin with This!


 “How you age has everything to do with the choices you make right now . . .  what you put into your body and mind affects the whole organism . . . Frank Lipman, MD


Have you ever wondered how it is that some people seem to age faster than others?

You know . . . the guy at the gym you thought was 40 but turned out to be almost 60? Or the classmate at your 30th reunion who looked like she was 20 years older than you?!

Since I started on this road to learning all about health, the human body, and longevity in particular, I’ve made it my mission to figure out the answer to that question.

What is it that allows some to seemingly defy aging while others, well . . .  succumb earlier than expected?

Is it even in our control?


What’s their Secret?


Although the human body is indescribably complex, living long and well doesn’t happen by accident.

Our bodies change with each passing year. No argument there. However, the part about disentegrating is a cultural myth we’ve adopted as truth.

There are plenty of people who live strong, healthy, youthful lives well into their later years . . .  people like Edwina, Eddy and Gwyn, or  Nora, Johanna, Maggie, or Madonna Buder who, well into her 80s and 90s has participated in countless triathlons and Ironman contests (and won many!).

And it isn’t some magical genetic mutation.

Scientists have for years tried to answer that question: “Nature vs Nurture”. Are we born with coding that determines our lifespan or is it something else.

While we may never know for sure, we know there’s something bigger at play here.


Your Life Choices


How you age is about “something else”, says Dr. Frank Lipmen in his book The New Rules of Aging Well.

How you age, writes Lipman, “. . .  has everything to do with the choices you make right now.” 

Aging, and how well you hold up with time, is determined by your everyday life choices: how you live, think, move, eat, sleep, stress, even who you hang around with . . . among multiple other choices you make every day. Mostly without giving them a thought.

The choices you’re making right now influence your health and how you age. And one that tops the list is this  . . .


What You Eat


The FOOD you put in your body is code . . . Code that determines how well (or not) your body functions.

And food comes in many varieties. Some supports you. Some, not so much. In fact, some of the things we’ve come to think of as food are downright harmful!

Our industrial food producers, in their quest to provide “food” that looks and tastes good, have quietly slipped in thousands (upwards of 10,000 to be specific) of additives, chemicals, and other ingredients that are doing us harm. Add to that the enviromental “additions”, including herbicides, pesticides, glyphosate (a weed killer), etc and you have soup of inflammatory stuff that ultimately harms the body and makes you older faster.

So here’s a plan for you . . .


Eat to Live


This is an invitation to my 5-Day Whole Food Longevity “Cleanse”. 

For the record, this is not a diet. It’s your way out of an industrial food system that has delivered a boatload of toxins and poor advice, leaving the majority of our population struggling with some chronic or autoimmune condition.

This is a blueprint to help you clean out and eliminate the toxic crap and learn how to feed your body in a way that will strengthen you, build your immune resilience, and protect you now and in the years to come. 

Welcome to the Longevity 5-Day Cleanse.

Join me in this journey to true health and longevity.   


Live Long | Age Strong 


With love,