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Men’s Brains | Women’s Brains – How different are they really?

There’s a fair amount of research that’s been done lately on how the brains of men and women differ. Although one would be hard pressed to tell the difference just by looking at them, scientists have found some distinct differences in how they are wired and how they impact our thinking.

Here are some of the differences research has uncovered…

  • Women and men naturally prefer different toys. In studies of young rhesus monkeys, males “strongly preferred toys with wheels over plush toys, whereas females found plush toys more likeble.” Proof that this isn’t a cultural thing.
  • Men’s and Women’s brains appear to age differently. Men appear to be more susceptible to Parkinson’s disease and at a younger age; women are affected more rapidly and adversely by Alzheimer’s. Moreover, overall gray matter diminishes at a faster rate in men than it does in women.

While the research clearly indicates that men and women are wired differently, there’s still much to learn and scientists will continue to explore why and how the sexes think and how brain physiology plays into this.


Here is the best explanation I’ve seen so far. It explains it in a way that science simply can’t:

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“A Tale of Two Brains”



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