The one thing you must know.


If you’re like most people I know, aging is one of those things you don’t want to think about.

Most of us don’t give it a thought until we notice… OMG…  Is that a wrinkle? Was that there yesterday??!  When did my knees start to sag? Didn’t I just zip these the other day? Who shrunk them??!

It all hits at once. We worry and wonder what the hell’s going on and what we can do to slow it down, put it off, or stop it altogether.

Do you ever feel like this?

If so, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes today in longevity research and science that’s radically changing our understanding of aging, the body, and disease. I wrote about many of them in a previous post.

Here are a few more of the surprising discoveries we’ve made…


  • Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, once considered incurable and a product of age and genetics, have their roots in completely different influences and are now beginning to be successfully treated.


  • The genes you inherited are not your destiny – The latest research in genetics has completely reversed our understanding of disease inheritance. Our genes are a minor contributor to chronic disease and only account for about 10% of the aging equation. But even more interesting, you can literally reprogram your genes to “express” at a younger level, slowing and reversing your aging clock.


  • Your gut (yep, you heard that right, your GI tract) is the foundation of your health and longevity – Each of us is host to trillions of microbial organisms that live in and on us and are the master controllers of our health, our wellbeing, our brain function, and our longevity. Without these tiny microbes, collectively called our “Microbiome”, we simply couldn’t survive.


It’s not about your age


Ninety percent of the illnesses we once believed were driven by genetics, time, and advanced age: diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative and autoimmune disease, we now know have their roots in mental, physical, and environmental influences.

Only 5 to 10% of all cancer cases are attributable to genetic factors.

And, consider this: many of the illnesses we associate with “old age”, begin in the body 20 to 25 years before we even notice any symptoms.

Think about that for just a minute.

Let’s say your 50. The brain fog that’s now showing up was brewing when you were in your 30s – Before the thought of getting older even entered your mind.


The more you know


The body is perfectly and naturally designed to heal, regenerate, and keep you from falling apart as you age.

Your skin regenerates about every 27 days, the lining of your gut… every 5 to 7 days. The liver can completely regenerate if damaged. Your entire body – muscles, bones, ligaments, cells, etc. is in a constant state of renewal.

But while your body’s doing what it naturally does to keep you alive and strong, our modern world has put us in harm’s way with an overload of toxins that it simply cannot keep up with. And over time it begins to fail and we get sick.


It’s in your hands

So the one thing you need to know about aging is this…

Do not leave this to fate!

The more you know and the earlier you intervene, the stronger you will remain throughout your life. Even small adjustments – when consistently made, can reverse the damage and slow your aging clock.

The key is to just start.


52 Ways to Live Long and Strong


Over the next months, in my new series, “52 Ways to Live Long & Strong”, I’ll share with you the latest science of longevity and some of the simple lifestyle tweaks you can try to heal and strengthen your body from the inside out. We’ll take it a step at a time, so it’s easy to implement and virtually pain-free.


Let’s do this together! No fun going alone!


And as always, keep me posted on your progress and shoot me your questions when you run into roadblocks. Email me at We’ll figure it out!


With love,