I have never been fond of the standard veggie plates loaded with huge, fat chucks of broccoli and cauliflower that no human being could ever wrap her lips around, so they sit untouched. Not the case here and when you accompany it with a simple homemade dip, your veggies will completely disappear. Promise. Raw vegetables are our greatest source of nutrients and natural enzymes (which help with digestion) and should make up about 40 to 60% or your daily vegetable diet. Get the freshest and organic to avoid chemical sprays and toxins that absorb in and can’t be washed off.


  • Select vegetables you love in many colors to give you platter some visual appeal – which also translates to a range of healthy nutrients that your guest will be munching on!
  • Wash thoroughly and slice in bite-size pieces – I like to slice broccoli and cauliflower across the grain into narrow strips about 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick.
  • Arrange on platter and serve with your favorite chilled dip.