A message about trust


“On the cellular level, our bodies have the innate power and ability to reverse damage, regenerate, and restore…” Sayer Ji


Ever feel broken?

Like your health is up-side-down, twisted, inside out, and in every way wrong. 

And nothing you do is working?

And even the experts don’t seem to know how to fix it. 


The ONE Thing


I have a close friend who just got out of the hospital. A broken gut. Badly broken. Four days in. Surgery. And he’s still hurting. A lot. 

This post is for him and anyone else who struggles with a chronic condition. 

We often turn our health over to others. We expect our doctors to fix us. Give us a pill. Take out the broken part. Fix the joints. Stop the malignant growth. Make it all better.

What we forget is that we play a role in this.  

Aside from giving the body what it needs to stay strong – good food, sleep, fresh air, calm, good friends, lots of love, perhaps the most important thing we can provide is trust.

Trusting in your body’s ability to heal.


Your Body Speaks


Your body is innately intelligent and constantly sending clues about what’s going on inside. 

All those things you feel… Aches and pains, stomach acid, rashes, allergies, lightheadedness, are messages sent from inside to let you know that it’s time to pay attention and get to the bottom of the cause. 

Acid reflux? Maybe a food allergy you weren’t aware of. Too much food too fast. Missing some nutrients that you weren’t even aware of. A little heavy on the wine. Eating too late. Too many antibiotics over the years.

Achy joints? Perhaps low-grade Inflammation from too few micronutrients – or too much sugar. Maybe the body’s slightly off in alignment and a little physical therapy would help. (That was my problem when my knee went out. A little PT did the trick. )

Rashes and food allergies? A broken gut possibly from toxins, gluten, or too many processed foods. 

Whatever’s going on, we now know that the vast majority of chronic conditions we experience can be put into remission and often cured with lifestyle and nutritional interventions. Diabetes, Heart disease, Autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s... even neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s are being effectively treated today with changes in how we eat, live, and even how we think. 


Fear and stress are major impediments to healing


Sayer Ji, in his new book, Regeneration, writes of a study published in the journal, Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, that discovered that the body’s response to stress and fear is an outpouring of hormones which, in the case of cancer, “leads to the poor response of tumors to chemotherapy.” In other words, the more we fear the more we give power to destructive forces that diminish our strength.

Another study indicates that increased stress yields poorer surgical outcomes: Greater fear or distress prior to surgery has been associated with poorer outcomes including longer hospital stays, more postoperative complications, and higher rates of rehospitalization.”  

Chronic stress tampers with and diminishes your immune response – your own personal Department of Homeland Security, designed to keep intruders at bay and bring on the healing. The unrelenting cortisol, your primary stress hormone, goes to work to suppresses your immune system and, ultimately, your ability to heal.


Trust and Be Still


So, for my friend in his healing journal, the plan is to introduce more nutrient-dense liquids, greens, soft and easy foods to digest so his belly can heal. Get a complete blood panel to identify the missing nutrients that need to be supplemented. Sleep. Get help – in this case, a Functional Practitioner (which he as already done!) who knows the ropes and can work with him to get to the root of the cause and help him to heal.

After that, the job is to get out of the way, breathe, rest, and let the body go to work to rebuild and heal. 




PS – I am not a doctor, but a holistic coach who believes in the power we have to heal ourselves when we come to know and trust our bodies. There are many things that can derail your health that you would never ever guess. And once you know, you can then act and direct your own healing journey. 


Want to get to the bottom of it all? let’s talk. Shoot me an email – elaine@elainepauly.com – and we’ll do this together.